About RoCCI

The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RoCCI) of United States is an Illinois not - for - profit corporation, independent of any other non - profit, commercial or governmental organization.

The RoCCI was formed in summer of 2009 in response to the growing need for a chamber that would bring together and promote businesses and organizations in the U.S. that are either owned or managed by Romanian-Americans.

While recognizing and bringing together hundreds of American businessmen of Romanian heritage is one of the RoCCI's goals, we must acknowledge that it is just as important for us to transfer some of the knowledge and experience of our members and our partners to anyone that wishes to establish or enlarge a succesful business, either here in United States or in Romania.

Our aim is to become one of the most innovative service providers for Romanian-American trade. A great wealth of knowledge and experience as well as domestic and international contacts form the root of our network and insures our success in the United States of America and Romania.

The RoCCI has its operational and managerial center in the Chicago metropolitan area, in the suburb of Niles, Illinois. The RoCCI's Niles office represents all members and is the strategic driver for all U.S. activities, events and seminars. The RoCCI's Niles office also serves as the Executive Office for all future offices, overseeing the activities and budgets of all other chapters.

The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry creates business opportunities by sharing networks, providing entries and organizing top quality events, seminars, luncheons and business card exchange receptions.

The RoCCI is not only a business network group, but also a guide to other trade bodies promoting Romanian-American trade and investments as a result of our close relationship with the Romanian Consulate General in Chicago and its Economic Mission as well as with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania in Bucharest. We also coordinate activities and events with local American chambers of commerce as well as other European chambers of commerce located in Illinois.

As most bilateral international trade organizations, RoCCI advocates and lobbies on behalf of its members and community, as well as investors and trading interests in Romania as well as in the United States.


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