Corporate Level Membership

This type of membership is designed for large business firms and corporations which seek to maintain a high profile in the Romanian-American business community and it allows for the participation of up to 5 individuals representing the corporate member. This is the RoCCI’s premier (however non-exclusive) category of membership giving companies great level of exposure through our entire lineup of events and publications.

Corporate Members enjoy a complete package of benefits, including the following:
- all benefits made available to the Business Level Member;
- eligible to be nominated and elected in leadership positions in the RoCCI's Board of Directors;
- invited to all semi-anual exclusive meetings of the Council for Corporate Level Members with participation of high level profile special guest;
- Special recognition and detailed article (with up to three photos included) about the services and/or products offered by the Business Level Member on the RoCCI's website and in the RoCCI's Newsletter, which is also published in the Romanian Tribune newspaper;
- Special recognition on the Council for Corporate Level Members advertising page of the RoCCI's presentation in the Romanian-American Yellow Pages.